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Title: Retention of lumpy skin disease virus in Stomoxys spp (Stomoxys calcitrans, Stomoxys sitiens, Stomoxys indica) following intrathoracic inoculation, Diptera: Muscidae
Authors: Issimov, A
Taylor, David B.
Shalmenov, M
Nurgaliyev, B
Zhubantayev, I
Abekeshev, N
Kushaliyev, K
Kereyev, A
Kutumbetov, L
Zhanabayev, A
Zhakiyanova, Y
White, Peter J.
Keywords: virus strain
insect colony
design of experiment
polymerase chain reaction
Issue Date: 19-Feb-2021
Publisher: PLOS ONE
Abstract: Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is an emerging disease of cattle in Kazakhstan and the means of transmission remains uncertain. In the current study, retention of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus (LSDV) by three Stomoxys species following intrathoracic inoculation was demonstrated under laboratory conditions. A virulent LSDV strain was injected into the thorax of flies to bypass the midgut barrier. The fate of the pathogen in the hemolymph of the flies was examined using PCR and virus isolation tests. LSDV was isolated from all three Stomoxys species up to 24h post inoculation while virus DNA was detectable up to 7d post inoculation.
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